D&D at The Bearded Dragon

This campaign is set up for the D&D Meetup group that plays at The Bearded Dragon in NJ. We are part of the Garden State Gaming Society on Meetup, and play every other Wednesday.

TBD (The Bearded Dragon)

The Day the Dragon Attacked….


She woke from the sound of a bone curling scream. As her eyes opened all of her senses flooded in at once, and she took in the sight and smell of fire. She could see the glow through the shutters of their home, and knew something was wrong. She woke her husband up and went straight for the window to see what was happening, she could hear screams coming from all directions outside their house. As they looked outside they saw the terror that had befallen on their home, Kobolds and men alike were walking down the street hacking down anyone who came within distance to them.

They stood there peering out the window in awe to what was happening, that’s when the hair on her arms stood on end, something was very wrong. At first she thought she might be going to deaf, then she realized she could hear her husband, and the screams but everything else was going silent, no not silent… There was a hum, an eerie hum that turned to a sizzle and crackle, and the sky lit up as if it was high day, no, brighter, then everything shook and she could see blue bands going up around the tower. At first she thought it was a storm that struck the keep, she was quickly corrected of her folly. Now she knew why her hair was on end, why her stomach turned the way it did, and why her husband was no longer next to her. The Blue Dragon soared in grabbing men from the keep and dropping them on the streets. She was in disbelief, awe, and excitement all at the same time.

Linan Swift was not the normal housewife, she took pleasure in hearing the stories of travelers and the like. She never had a true desire to leave her family she loves them and nothing could bring her to leave them, but the stories were perfect. They were just enough.

She took a moment to try and take in the scene of what was happening, she knew from the stories that plans needed to be made, people who acted rashly often died quick. After what seemed like a lifetime, she was finally able to pry her eyes away from the spectacle that was in the sky, it was both terrifying and pure beauty at the same time. She took notice to the men and beasts in the street, they were not moving towards her home, they were safe for the time. She then looked back at the dragon trying to look at it objectively this time, and see what it was doing, was it going to lay waste to all of Greenest, just the keep? The longer she watch the more she came to notice that the Dragon did not seem to be doing anything major, he seemed to be just blasting the side of the keep every so often, and when he wasn’t doing that he would glide down like a bird to a bath and so some simple attacks then fly away. It almost looked like her daughter, when they visited Linan’s mother’s house.

Cuth crashed into the room with the kids, and started to shout out, “We need to leave now, the town is under attack!” She looked over at him and the kids and put a finger to her mouth in a motion of a silent “Be Quiet!” She had the kids hide by the bed while she had her husband gather their shield and weapons. They were not planning to attack, but they would defend their family if needed. The attackers were not coming to their home right now so the safest place right this minute is where they were.

Within minutes of checking different directions the door bursts open and there stood Franklin, a town guard they both knew most of their lives. He was as surprised to see them as they were him, he simply said, “The Keep, go there they will keep you safe!” Then he collapsed and they saw the spear in his back. With that Linan and Cuth gathered the children and decided to try for the keep. They did not get 5 feet out of the door when Cuth was attacked by the kobolds that were after guard. He was overwhelmed quickly, they overlooked Linan and the children thinking Cuth would be the troublemaker, how wrong they were. Before they knew what hit them the groups number was reduced by 3. When the Kobolds started to realize what was happening she gathered up the shield and her family and took flight. They darted through one ally, then another, at one point they actually ran through someones house from the backdoor to the front to try and give them the slip, it didn’t work.

As they she came out of one ally she came across a group right in her path. By quick glance they did not have the same mannerism of the attackers, so she took a chance and took stance in hopes she would have aid. Cuth badly hurt and children in tow piled behind Linan as she squared off to 8 Kobolds.

Thankfully her instincts were right, they did in fact help her, though non came to her side they did help in killing these vile creatures. They were an odd bunch, gnomes, elves, a drgonkin, and Linan took notice of the half-breed, he was kind and… Cuth took notice of this half-breed as well, and was not all that happy…

Linan explained to them that they needed to get to the Keep it would be safe there, she could not wrap her brain around why they were not getting this. Why they kept questioning, “How do you know it’s safe?” All she could keep thinking was, “Because it’s a keep!!! No lets just stay here this is quite safe!”, but they were helping her children so she stayed quiet. Eventually they agreed to go to the keep and take them along.

It was madness now that she had a second to take in the severity of the situation, everything was ruined, everything was being looted. She did take a moment to look up at the dragon, and took notice of it’s laziness feel still. “Is this how dragons attack? Are they so board with us that they don’t even try?” These are the thoughts that raced through her head. The sound of TWACK, brought her back to her current situation. 2 Kobolds that were running down the road, were running without re-guard to them all and they just took them down! She thought these guys would defiantly get them to the keep safely!

Linan was so relieved when the keep was so close, they just needed to cross the clearing and her family would be safe! She saw it just at the last second as it crashed down one of the group, a bolder slamming into his shoulder! As she looked up she screamed, “THEY HAVE WINGS!?” Thats when the ambush took hold, she noticed the cultists in front of her, then heard the kobolds behind, and then the hair stood up again and BOOM everything just rattled as the dragon came down again and shot lightening from his mouth!

It was as if everything just starting sinking in for Linan, the peril they really were in, “Are we actually going to make it to the keep?” is what she was thinking as she watched the half-breed fall, “Oh he can’t die, he just can’t!” He mind was racing, and that is why she didn’t even hear the guards take down the kobolds behind them, she didn’t even notice them until they were physically pushing her along to get to the keep.

As she crossed the threshold of the keep she actually paused, touched the stone and kissed it, “Please my Lord Helm, protect this keep and keep us all safe”, is all she silently prayed.

TBD - Tyranny of Dragons