Ilmater, God of Endurance

Deities of the Forgotten Realms

Ilmater, God of Endurance

Lawful Good; Life Domanion


Ilmater (pronounced “Ihl-MAY-ter” or “ill-may-ter”) is an intermediate deity of the Faerûnian pantheon whose portfolio included endurance, martyrdom, perseverance, and suffering. He is the god of those who suffered, the oppressed, and the persecuted, who offered them relief and support, encouraged them to endure, and who encouraged others to help them, to take their burdens or take their places.

He is called the Crying God, the Broken God, the Lord on the Rack, and the One Who Endures. To the Iulutiun people of the Great Glacier, he was known as Ayuruk, and to the Angulutiun people he was Itishikopak.

Church of Ilmater

Those who were oppressed, sick, lame, or poor were likely to be worshipers of Ilmater, and people who had been injured or were otherwise suffering would often call upon him for aid. His faith is popular among the poor in big cities, and with serfs and slaves, as well as merchants, thieves, and a few guards. Although people of any alignment could worship Ilmater, he is largely followed by folk of a lawful and good bent, especially among his own clergy.

Ilmater’s clergy numbered clerics, paladins, and monks. They are organized into the Church of Ilmater, with many affiliated knightly and monastic orders.

Across Faerûn, the hardy people of the harsh and war-torn land of Damara particularly venerated Ilmater, as well as his champion, St. Sollars. In Calimshan, Ilmater was one of the most frequently worshiped gods, especially among the lower classes and slaves.

Ilmater, God of Endurance

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